George is married with four children and has been a resident
of Wildomar for over 36 years. He retired from EVMWD in
2009 with over 30 years of experience in water resources and management. He currently owns his own business, Innovative Water Specialties, that is dedicated to operate and maintain small water and sewer systems in the most cost effective and efficient manner for the Greater Los Angeles area. 

He waiting for the perfect storm to step on board and serve the community in his area of expertise, water resources and operations in 2014. The timing was just right with his retirement from the district and the availability of the seat with on-going drought conditions and water restrictions and the escalating cost of water and sewer rates that also plagued the future needs of EVMWD. There was no other candidate with his knowledge and education. He was "The People's Choice" with the knowledge to help us navigate through those tentative times. 

George is well known in the industry for his extensive knowledge of the history of water rights and allocations that date back to 1886. "It's important to know where the water came from, where it's going and who has the water rights," noted George. He is often sought out as an advisor to historical information from many municipal water districts and his knowledge of this areas water allocation agreements will continue to help protect the interests of EVMWD ratepayers.

As well as knowing the importance of the past, George is proud to have relevant and current knowledge of the water resources and operations for all of California. "You can never know enough about water, it's a never-ending cycle with new technologies being introduced daily."

While he was an employee of the district, he also was nominated and served three times as the President of the Employee Association and was an instrumental party in dealing with contract negotiations and conflict resolution issues between the employees and district. He also served as the Treasurer of the Management Team Association. 

His day-to-day responsibilities at EVMWD included; water tracking and producing reports for water sales of the production and delivery of groundwater, surface water, imported water and non-potable water. He coordinated Capital Improvement Projects of over $3 million dollars and oversaw Southern California Edison's rate settings and multiple programs.

He is and continues to be a key community member serving its residents and has dedicated his life to family andcommunity.

He served as a Director on the Redevelopment Project Area of Wildomar and Lakeland Village and was a board member starting in 2003. His decisions while on the board have been responsible for spending over $3.5 million on improvement projects that have helped the underserved and redevelopment areas.

George is uniquely situated with his operations background and knowledge of Capital Improvement Projects. He is sensitive to keeping overhead costs low and represents the whole valley without sacrificing reliability.

Bob Buster, former 1st District Supervisor appointed George to serve on the Wildomar Municipal Advisory Council for five years and was both a Director and the Chair of the WMAC. The WMAC was the board of appointed citizens that worked with the county prior to cityhood.

George served on the local non-profit organization Wildomar Community Council as a Director and he was one of 12 directors on the Wildomar Incorporation Now committee that was instrumental in educating the community on cityhood.

George is very committed to the community and serves as the Wildomar Historical Society President and continues to provide support of our resources and local history for the future generations.

He was also a Director on the Wildomar Parks Committee and worked tirelessly for over six years to re-open our three local parks for the community. He believes that our local and regional trails are resources that are needed for both economic development and recreation for the area and was an original member and is a current member of Wildomar Multi-Use Trails Association. He also served as the Wildomar Chamber of Commerce Director in 2002.

EXPERIENCE COUNTS - George is "The People's Choice" and serves not only his district but also the entire valley. "How better to use my knowledge and education than to serve my community?"

He would be honored to continue to serve as your representative for Division 3 Director of EVMWD and asks for your vote in November.

Thank you for your continued support.

For more information on George Cambero please e-mail or call (951) 285-9789.

Updated 8-3-2018