Drought is nothing new to California, however extended drought is new.
What everybody is saying is donít worry - keep building more housing
we need more people = revenue, which will also equal higher demand.
What will happen if we have the same rainfall and snowpack as last year?

Local agencies rely on local groundwater sources to meet demand while utilizing imported water as supplemental - at the local level we need a stronger voice and support to increase reliable water source. We need a lot more water storage than we currently have. We need to increase and 
re-enforce our flood control infrastructure to be able capture more run off water during heavy rainfalls, like we have recently experienced.

We need to build more water treatment facilities to treat and capture the rainfall runoff to improve water quality which is able to meet compliance and inject that water to designated groundwater wells.  We need to research the possibility for new water sources east of Canyon Lake along the
San Jacinto River. The water is there, we need to capture it.


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Updated 8-3-2018